Click here to log on to Jupitergrades. All students and parents may obtain login information from their scheduled teachers for 2015-2016.

Student/Parent Login

Students and parents may login anytime to check grades and homework. Everyone has their own password, so no one else can see their grades, and they need only one login to check all their classes. This includes grades on all assignments, report cards, attendance, individual comments, and messages. All data is updated continuously, so teachers don’t need to do anything extra to post or upload grades. This is optional, so you may take some or all information offline.

Login ID’s

Students and parents login using the Student ID#, or they can simply use the student’s full name. (It recognizes either the legal name or preferred name, like Michael Smith or Mike Smith, but not last-name-first, like “Smith, Mike”. If two students have the same name, it finds the one with the matching password.)


Random passwords are generated for each new student and parent/contact. The first time they login, they are prompted to choose their own password and enter their contact info. (Passwords are not reset each year, so they can continue using the same password.)

Note: Each parent and student has their own separate password. It is very important that they use their own password and not share with each other, otherwise students will receive their parent’s messages and parents will receive their child’s messages. When students login, look in the upper left corner of their screen: If it says “Parent of”, they are using the wrong password! Go to the More > Passwords & Logins orStudents > Logins & Alerts screen to reset the passwords for both the student and parent, and tell them their new password to login correctly. Do the same if parents do not see “Parent of” in the upper left of their screen.

Print Passwords & Login Instructions

You can print a form letter for each student and parent/contact with their passwords, step-by-step login instructions, and customizable message text, plus optional signature lines if you want parents to confirm receipt. Teachers see the Reports > Passwordsscreen for your own students, or admins see the Reports > Passwords screen for the whole school. This letter may optionally be translated to Spanish.

To save paper, check the option to print only for those who have never logged in before, since the others obviously already know how to login. Also you can email login links to everyone (see below), then print login instructions only for those who do not have email. The email method is much simpler, so that is highly recommended.

Admins have the option to print these with addresses for easy mailing (teachers do not have this option). Just fold the paper like a Z and the address will appear through most window envelopes. We recommend that you print student passwords separately and hand them out in class, and print the parent passwords separately and mail them directly home. That way students won’t forget to give them to their parents, and also students will not see their parents’ temporary passwords, which can cause minor problems if the student uses the parent’s password or vice versa.

Email Login Links

You can email a link to each student and parent/contact which lets them login instantly. This method is highly recommended, since it is much simpler than the printed login instructions.

To send these links, go to Post > New Message and address a message to students and/or parents. Check “Email link to” and select “Grades & Homework, with login instructions” from the menu. That inserts generic instructions, which you may edit. The first time students and parents login, they are prompted to choose a password. After that no password is required, so it is one-click access.

To ensure privacy, each link is unique for each person. They should not share these links or use them on public computers. If someone does steal their link or password, they should change their password and that will change the link too, so the old links won’t work anymore.

Reset Passwords

On the login screen, students and parents can click “Forgot Password”, then it will email them a link to choose a new password. But if their email address is not already in the database (or it is incorrect), you’ll need to reset it for them:

Teachers see the More > Passwords & Logins screen, or admins see theStudents > Logins & Alerts screen. If they still have a random password, you can see it and tell it to them. But if they had already chosen their own password, you cannot see it (for privacy), so click “Reset” to generate a new random password and tell it to them.

Multiple Children

Parents who have more than one child in your schools can view all their children from the same login. The parent must use the same email address and choose the same password for each child, which is what they would naturally do, so no extra setup is required. (This applies only to parents; siblings cannot see each other’s grades.)

The parent can login using any one of their children’s name and school. Then once logged in, they can use the menu at the top left to switch children.

Also when a parent updates their own contact info on the “Settings” tab, it updates on all their children’s records. (The same is not true for school staff; you must update each student record separately.)

School Login Screen

Students and parents can login at either the general login screen at login.JupiterEd.com, or the login screen specific for your school/district. The second one is easier because they don’t need to type the school name, city, and state. The URL for your school/district’s login screen is given on the Setup My Account screen. Copy this URL and put it on your school’s website as a shortcut for students and parents.

Offline & Blocking Access

Admins and teachers both control what information is available online for students and parents. Admins see the Setup Online/Offline screen to show/hide grades, assignments, attendance, behavior logs, bell schedules, student billing, report cards, and report card options, like GPA. Teachers see the Setup Grading screen to show/hide assignments, scores, and grades for each class. Note: The admin settings apply to the whole school, and they limit what teachers can show — e.g., if school grades are online, teachers have the option, but if school grades are offline, teachers have no choice.

To take an entire course offline, admins see Schedule > Courses. Click the course and uncheck “Show online for students/parents”.

To block online access for specific students or parents/contacts, admins see theStudents > Logins & Alerts screen, and teachers see the Setup Students screen. Some private schools use this to block those who have not paid their tuition yet.

Note: Teachers may optionally set past classes offline, but this is not necessary, since students and parents see the current grading period by default. They can find past grading periods on the “Grades” or “Report Card” tabs.

Homework & Calendar

Students and parents see a HW Planner screen listing all current homework and upcoming tests for all their classes, and even reminders of missing assignments. Plus the Calendar screen lets them look at all past and upcoming homework, as well as events and lunch menus. See Homework & Calendar


Teachers and admins may send messages and announcements to students and parents. See Messages.


You may upload files for students and parents to download. In Teacher Mode seePost > Files & Links; in Admin Mode see More > Files & Links. Also students canTurn In files online, and they can store files online in their own File Lockers.


Students can see their class schedules on the Calendar screen. They must click a specific date to see the times and rooms of their classes. To enable this, check “Bell Schedules” on Setup Online/Offline in Admin Mode.

View Login Activity

To check how often and when each student and parent last logged in, teachers see the Passwords & Logins screen in Teacher Mode, and admins see theStudents > Logins & Alerts screen in Admin Mode.

The number of logins is for all classes, not just yours. It counts only one login per day (e.g., three logins on the same day counts as only one). Teachers can view the totals for a specific grading period or the entire school year; admins see totals for the school year only.

If the date of last login is today, it shows the local time instead of the date. (SeeSetup Schools to set your time zone.)

To see a detailed Access Log of every time the student/parent logged in, admins click “Access Log”, or teachers click the Days Used or Last Login. If the student/parent claims their account was hacked, click the suspected login in the log for details that might help identify the hacker.

Also the Parent/Student Login Stats report in Admin Mode shows detailed statistics for the whole district, so you can see overall how involved parents and students are.

Note: Logins over two years ago are purged, so statistics may be incomplete or missing from two years ago.

Login as Student/Parent

You can access a student’s or parent’s account to see exactly what they see. Admins go to Students > Logins & Alerts and click the “Login” link for that person. Teachers go to More > Passwords & Logins and click the person’s name. (This does not affect the login activity stats. Note: Admins may disable this feature for some or all teachers to prevent them from seeing grades from other teachers.)

FERPA & Legal Compliance

Jupiter is compliant with the U.S. Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA). See our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Some school districts have policies against posting grades on the Internet or allowing data to be hosted off-site. Ever since the advancement of Transport Layer Security (TLS/SSL) in the late 1990’s, all data is just as secure off-site on the Internet as it is on your district network. Please see Security for more details, and please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

Video: Student/Parent Login

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